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9 Movies About Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

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Alcoholics Anonymous is a somewhat prominent feature in this alcoholic movie, which is nice to see because there is more focus on the solution than usual. Smashed is different in that we get a glimpse of the solution earlier on in the film and get to see how it works in the character’s life. It manages to do that without being remotely preachy or overly optimistic, which is important in order for the message to be properly received.

Due to policies and regulations set by all major television networks, advertisers cannot show actors consuming alcohol during commercials. Instead, companies have sought out ways to advertise their products on television shows. Series like The Good Wife and How I Met Your Mother frequently depict fictional characters consuming alcohol. Other shows, such as Comedy Central’s Drunk History, use alcohol consumption as its main attraction, showing intoxication as harmless and entertaining. A last confrontation with his ex-wife, son, police, and the media pushes the Captain into the corner where he finally seeks help from Charlie Anderson (Bruce Greenwood), a friend and union leader for the pilots. Surprisingly, the Captain stays sober for nine days, two hours and twenty-six minutes.

Alcohol Responsible For 1 in 5 Deaths in Young Adults Before Pandemic

Alongside James Woods, the film also features James Garner as Dr. Bob, JoBeth Williams as Lois Wilson, and Gary Sinise as Ebby Thacher. This might be perhaps because they are based on novels that were written by people who have suffered from the problems first hand and they are true to life. The story has a twist when her husband cannot deal with Alice’s newfound freedom. Then they realize that he was codependent and he has failed to listen to what was really going on.

One of the movies about alcoholism on Netflix that you may want to check out is called 28 days. The main stars in this movie are Gwen Selecting the Most Suitable Sober House for Addiction Recovery Cummings and Sandra Bullock. Out of all the films these actresses have performed in, this is one of the best and most realistic.

28 days (

Melvin Gregg (“American Vandal”) stars as a player with off-court troubles. And now comes “The Way Back,” a spare film with a 1970s vibe about a man imprisoned by alcoholism. He has not talked much about his alcoholism since completing a third stint in rehab in 2018.

alcoholism movies

Talk to our recovery specialists today and learn about our integrated treatment programs. Maron has publicly shared his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. This film focuses on a high-flying newspaper columnist with an AUD who ends up in rehab after crashing her car. The movie depicts the lives of the main character and other patients in the rehab center, showing how many can make a total recovery while others struggle with the harsh reality of the world around them.


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